No foreign transaction fee

Terms and conditions

For UBS Visa Signature Business card clients, 1 Point will be awarded for every $1 of Net Purchases on all eligible purchases made on the UBS Visa Signature Business card(s).

“Net Purchases” means the dollar value purchased with the Cards, made by a Cardholder or any authorized user minus any credits, returns or other adjustments as reflected on your monthly account statements. No retroactive Points will be awarded.

Only eligible purchases qualify for earning of Points. Ineligible transactions include, but are not limited to, cash advances, including ATM withdrawals, balance transfers, convenience checks, fees, finance charges and the purchase of money orders, traveler’s checks, foreign currency, lottery tickets, gambling chips or wire transfers. UBS Bank reserves the right to add other transactions to this list of ineligible transactions at its discretion and at any time. Any questions regarding eligibility of transactions shall be determined by UBS Bank in its sole discretion. Previously awarded Points relating to ineligible transactions shall be forfeited.

You may also be awarded Points based on promotions that are offered from time to time.

Points are awarded based on whole dollar amounts. For calculation purposes, when a purchase or transaction is not a whole dollar amount, any fraction equal to or greater than 0.50 will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar and any fraction equal to or less than 0.49 will be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar. For example, if a Cardholder makes a purchase in the amount of $20.32, 20 Points will be awarded, but if the transaction amount is $20.50, 21 Points will be awarded.

Earned Points will generally be added to your account and available for use within one week after the date of posting. Point earnings are not based on transaction date but on the date the transaction is submitted to UBS Bank, which is usually within one week of the transaction. (International transactions may take up to 30 days to be submitted to UBS.) 

Purchase returns or other credits reflected on your statements during or subsequent to the period of Program membership will reduce or eliminate the Points available for redemption.

Points earned in your account may only be transferred to another Program account fully or partially owned by you. Points are not transferable between Program accounts which do not share account ownership, or from any other non-UBS rewards or frequent flier programs.

Points earned by multiple Cardholders will be credited only to the “Primary Cardholder.” The Primary Cardholder is the primary accountholder of the UBS Account.

You may be able to purchase additional Points, at a rate of $30 for 1,000 Points, but you may purchase only a maximum of 10,000 Points per year.

Points do not expire in the Program, as long as your Card is active and in good standing.

If you voluntarily close your card, you will be allowed 60 days following the effective date of termination of the UBS Account or Cards to redeem outstanding rewards points (Points) for gift cards or merchandise.

In the event we close your Card for any reason other than inactivity, your Points will be immediately forfeited. In the event we close your Card due to inactivity, you will have not less than 60 days to redeem your Points for gift cards or merchandise.

With the exceptions noted below, Points are forfeited immediately upon closure of the Card due to death of the cardholder. The Points may be reinstated to an open UBS credit card account of a spouse or domestic partner of the cardholder if the spouse or domestic partner requests reinstatement of the Points in writing within 90 days of the account closure and the remaining outstanding balance on the closed credit card account has been paid. The spouse or domestic partner must submit written proof of the marital or domestic partner status satisfactory to us. If such satisfactory written proof is not submitted within 30 days of the request, the points will be permanently and irrevocably forfeited.

You are responsible for any taxes that may be owed as a result of Points earned and/or redeemed. Please consult your tax advisor if you have tax questions about the Program. Neither UBS Bank nor UBS FSI provides tax advice.

Points and Program certificates have no value except as used in accordance with these terms and conditions of the Program and any terms and conditions of each respective reward provider.

UBS Bank reserves the right to disqualify any Cardholder from participating in the Program and to invalidate any or all Points for any reason and at any time, including for abuse, fraud or any violation of the Program’s terms and conditions.

By participating in the Program, and accepting and using rewards earned via the Program, you or any other beneficiary of the Program release, discharge and hold harmless UBS Bank, Visa, TLI, and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, officers, directors, successors and assignees from all claims, damages or liability including, but not limited to, physical injury or death, arising out of participation in the Program or travel taken or use of products chosen as a Program reward.