Double-edged expectations

As life expectancy rises, so does the need to plan for longevity

15 Oct 2019

Key takeaways

  • Studies continue to show that we consistently underestimate how long we’ll live
  • Longer retirements increase how much we’ll need to fund retirement
  • Life expectancy is rising globally—Japan leads the way with life expectancy in the mid-80s, while the average life expectancy in the US is nearly 80

Today, survival into one’s 80s and 90s is much more likely than it was 50 years ago. In fact, the average 65-year-old woman now has a greater than 30% chance of living to 90, and the odds of at least one member of a 65-year-old couple living to age 90 stands at 50%.

So, if we’re living longer, we should plan for it. Our research partners suggest several strategies to help protect you from outliving your money. Having a deferred annuity is a key strategy, in addition to broad-based financial planning.

During Retirement investors are still faced with multiple risks. One of those risks, which also happens to be the most overlooked risk is "LONGEVITY RISK." Today we will take a deeper dive into the importance of longevity risk during retirement years. Featured is Total Wealth Strategist Americas from the UBS Chief Investment Office, Ainsley Carbone. Host: Nash Wedderburn

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