Be prepared. Be very prepared.

Know what you need to do, as we continue to live longer

10 May 2018

Questions you can ask your UBS Financial Advisor

  • Am I prepared financially to live into my 90's. Or even past 100?
  • How should I change my financial plan to account for increased longevity?
  • Will I have enough to cover rising health care costs and not be a burden on my family?

Do you think you might live to 100? You’re not alone. Our research finds that, globally, more than half of investors are optimistic about living to 100, although U.S. investors are the least optimistic at 30%. Other key findings show that wealthy investors believe:

  • Health is more valuable than wealth—Investors spend nearly 50% of their healthcare budget on preventative measures
  • Working longer ensures well-being—80% believe extended working careers has a positive impact on health
  • Longevity prompts investors to act differently—91% are making changes to their financial plan based on living longer

Where do you fit in? While living to 100 has many benefits—such as more time to pursue your passions and spend time with family and friends—it also poses risks like outliving your money and not being able to afford the rising costs of healthcare when living longer, especially given a retirement that could last decades.

So, how do you plan for it? The latest issue of Modern Retirement Monthly, “What if you live to be 100? (PDF, 228 KB)” breaks it down to one key strategy: Start a financial plan. The planning process tests the likelihood of having a successful retirement plan in place, an investment strategy that’s optimized toward your goals and can uncover potential risks, like inadequate healthcare saving.

Working together with your Financial Advisor, you can adapt your plan as your life, your needs and the markets change. This can help ensure that you always stay on track, no matter how long you expect to live.

Are you doing all you can to have the retirement you want? Together we can find an answer. Connect with your UBS Financial Advisor today or find one.