A teacher’s tips for homeschooling

VIDEO: Advice from a true expert on teaching and entertaining kids

28 May 2020

Key takeaways

  • Stay-at-home guidelines in most states have turned homes into schools
  • A high school science teacher gives her tips on juggling school, kids and work under one roof
  • Watch the video to learn how to teach, entertain and take care of yourself during these challenging times

Whoever thought family togetherness would mean being your child’s teacher and camp counselor? Maria Pace, a New York science teacher and mother of two, offers her survival tips to help you get through these moments in the first video of our new series, UBS At Home.

Pace’s top 5 survival tips

Be easy on yourself

When it comes to school, don’t expect perfection from you or your child. If your child doesn’t get the lesson 100%, the knowledge will eventually come.

Rely on the teachers

Teachers like to hear from students and parents. Don’t be shy about e-mailing or calling if your child is struggling.

Don’t forget physical education

Pace advises to be as silly as possible for younger kids. Take a break and play Simon Sez. Kids (and adults) of all ages like going outside.

Create a sanctuary for your child

Set up an area with all your child’s favorite activities. This is especially important if a family member becomes sick. It will help with distancing.

Establish family time

Even though you're spending more time together, if you're working from home, you're probably more distracted. Try to set aside time every day to be with just the kids.

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