5 tips to get you moving (and breathing easier)

VIDEO: A fitness expert helps you exercise and meditate at home

03 Jun 2020

Key takeaways

  • Adults should exercise for 30 minutes a day—a challenge when you’re staying at home more
  • A certified yoga and pilates instructor shares tips on how to squeeze it in during the day
  • Watch the video to learn techniques that can get you started, even if you have conference calls all day 

It’s easier to squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise when you’re going into an office, and getting up from your desk regularly to meet with colleagues. But, many of us are working from home these days, and it takes rethinking how to incorporate activity to get in your 30 minutes. Certified yoga and pilates instructor Meghan Wood shares easy tips to get you up and moving and breathing easier in no time, in a video for our UBS At Home series.

Wood’s top 5 tips to exercise and meditate at home

Move around every 90 minutes

Set an alert to remind yourself to stand up and move every hour and a half. It can be as simple as 25 jumping jacks.

Don’t sit still on conference calls

In the video, Wood demonstrates stretches and exercises you can do while sitting. Her favorite is moving the upper body around clockwise from the waist a few times to keep your spine flexible.

Get the family into the act

Have everyone throw an activity into a hat, and pick one a day for the family to do together. This gets everyone involved—and invested.

In a word, dance

Everyone likes to dance, especially kids. Turn up your favorite song, and move to the beat. That’s about 3 minutes right there.

Breathe easy for 3 minutes

If you’re new to meditating, start with 3 minutes of deep, proper breathing. Find a place to sit, breath normally for a few seconds, then begin controlling your breath by inhaling and exhaling more deeply.

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