‘Chopped Champion’ shares top kitchen swaps

VIDEO: Get ideas for pantry improv that can save the day

28 Jul 2020

Key takeaways

  • Don’t have buttermilk for biscuits? Use milk and two caps of vinegar
  • Out of sugar? Turn to honey, agave, applesauce or certain fruits
  • Recipe calls for an egg and you don’t have one? Applesauce holds things together, too
  • You can finely dice leftover veggies to make a first-rate pasta salad

Cooking at home more lately? If you find yourself missing a key ingredient, tips from a Food Network “Chopped Champion” can come in handy, among other ideas. In our kitchen series of UBS At Home, Veronica Flores demonstrates useful kitchen strategies you’ll want to keep in mind.

Chef Vee on cutting board basics

Don’t let your cutting board slip around

Use a wet paper towel underneath some cutting boards to keep them in place

Proteins on plastic

Cut meats, chicken and fish on a plastic cutting board, so you can clean them more easily

Fruits and veggies on wood

Fruits and vegetables clean up easily from wooden cutting boards and make a nice presentation

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