Video: Are you cyber safe?

Simple tips to help you live and work online with confidence

22 Oct 2017

The Internet is now just another part of everyday life. It’s where we shop, look for jobs, connect with friends, share our views, post our photos—even manage our finances and business transactions. The benefits it brings are obvious.

But some of the risks it exposes us to are not. The more we use the Internet, the more opportunities we give cybercriminals to compromise our data, breach our privacy and commit fraud.

To help you keep your information safe, UBS has put together a series of short videos—available to all of our clients—offering advice from our cyber experts about protecting yourself online, at home and at work. Top security tips include:

  • Avoiding “phishing” e-mail scams by looking out for an unusual sender address, spelling mistakes and strange elements such as the tone of the e-mail, disclaimers and logos.
  • Helping prevent corporate "whaling attacks"—in which cyber thieves pose as executives to try to obtain data—by encouraging employees to question any unusual e-mail requests.
  • Surfing the web safely by visiting only trustworthy websites, keeping your software up-to-date, and using different passwords for different applications, among other steps.
  • Staying secure on social media by using privacy controls and only adding people you know to your network.

For more insight and information, connect with your UBS Advisor or find one.