Biden in, but uncharted waters ahead

UBS ElectionWatch: More clarity, more uncertainty

24 Mar 2020

Key takeaways

  • COVID-19 is changing everything, including the US presidential campaign.
  • Biden’s momentum over Sanders once lifted markets, but volatility now overshadows the clarity provided by the primaries.
  • While COVID-19 may be clouding the near-term picture, it is still important to assess the market impact of this election.
  • Though the pandemic is shaking market confidence and causing a bear market in stocks and a liquidity crisis in fixed income, there are steps you can take today to build a resilient portfolio. 

COVID-19 is transforming the economy and the presidential election—no more studio audiences, no more rope lines with outstretched hands, no more rallies. President Trump must focus more media time on the government’s response to the pandemic. Biden must pivot as well. And with more than 60% of both Democrat and Republican voters following the campaigns closely, voters are watching how each candidate navigates the challenging terrain.

So how do you invest given such an uncharted economic and political backdrop?

Explore the recent issue of UBS ElectionWatch: “More clarity, more uncertainty (PDF, 1 MB),” where our research partners break down Joe Biden’s and Donald Trump’s seven key policies—including corporate taxes, personal taxes, energy and the environment, healthcare and technology regulation—and show the potential market impact for each.

Stay informed with thinking you won’t get from the pundits. And find out how you can build a portfolio for your entire financial life that’s also geared to help you weather any market.

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