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Key takeaways

  • 8 out of 10 women will one day be managing finances on their own1
  • Yet, 56% of married women leave major financial decisions to their spouse2
  • Our new UBS site can help women take control of their wealth, starting today

UBS asked thousands of women how they manage money, who makes major financial decisions in their households, and why. Many shared their regrets about not being more involved in their long-term finances while they were part of a couple before ending up needing to manage money on their own after a death or divorce.

In response, UBS developed the Own your Worth Financial Participation website specifically to help women who are looking to take that first step in getting more involved with their financial life. The site includes tips and tools, without jargon or complexity, starting with a quiz that identifies each person's money language and ideas for where to begin.

Our UBS research shows that women already manage money day to day, and thats all the knowledge needed to start participating in major financial decisions. This new site is at ubs.com/mymoneymove, and it's a good place to start.

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