The LGBT+ investor

How a flexible investment approach can help LGBT+ investors achieve their goals

24 Aug 2018

Despite recent strides toward equality, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people still face discrimination in many parts of the world today, creating unique challenges when it comes to employment, investing and financial planning.

But these challenges need not prevent them from achieving their financial and life goals, the UBS Chief Investment Office (CIO) writes in Global financial markets—Investing for LGBT+ persons (PDF, 758 KB). “LGBT+1 investors can find investment strategies that help meet their liquidity needs, retirement goals and legacy plans.”

This global report examines key legal and demographic considerations for LGBT+ investors. For example, as employees they may face higher job risk in countries or states that lack anti-discrimination laws. Greater career insecurity and longer lifespans for certain same-sex couples can greatly affect savings and retirement planning. And adopting a child, where LGBT+ families can legally do so, carries with it implications for legacy planning.

Read the CIO report (PDF, 758 KB) to learn more about these and other considerations for LGBT+ investors—and how a flexible investment approach can help LGBT+ investors achieve their goals.

“They can adopt inclusive approaches to manage their wealth that rely on careful consideration of legal differences between countries, a flexible wealth management approach … and a regular revision of family financial plans,” the report says.