For an effective apprenticeship

Training opportunities for school-leavers

As one of the largest providers of apprenticeships, we embody and promote our guiding principle: successful lifelong learning. We can only be successful if we offer our employees opportunities for continuing education and development.

This also applies to apprenticeships at UBS. We are convinced that the combination of vocational and classroom-based training helps all our employees develop professionally and personally.

We recognize our social responsibility and our educational mandate. We constantly adapt our training to current requirements and trends in order to secure the future prospects of the next generation for the long term.
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Training opportunities for school-leavers

Our banking apprenticeship

At the end of the three-year apprenticeship, not only are you set up as a professional in all areas of banking - we also actively support you in your personal development. At an early stage, you have the chance to take on responsibility with confidence and are taught how to effectively apply your strengths for the further stages in your career.

Our IT apprenticeship

Systems engineering or application development? You can choose, as we offer both disciplines as comprehensive, practical programs with extensive opportunities for development. Because it is only with excellent IT specialists that we can remain successful as the most digitally capable bank in Switzerland.

Entry options for high school graduates

Lifelong learning involves change. This is why we offer high school and banking apprenticeship graduates the chance to take a new direction and develop.