The international investment market is constantly changing. It needs to be analyzed around the clock in order to assess trends and formulate forecasts and strategies based on these. This is an area that calls for one of UBS's main strengths: size. Over 900 investment specialists across the world monitor the investment markets and asset classes. As the globe's largest wealth management specialist, we are present for you in the 13 most important stock market locations, and we analyze over 15,000 fixed income instruments, 30 currencies, 25 of the most important industrial goods (commodities) and more than 1,800 internationally significant companies every day. Our research and analysis focuses mainly on market trends, estimated corporate earnings, and macroeconomic factors.

We share the figures, trends and recommendations from these intensive analyses directly with you each month in the form of our UBS House View publication. This is based on the in-depth expert knowledge that our international network of analysts and investment experts collects, critically evaluates, and passes on every day. In discussion forums, we also place great importance on the opinions and assessments of external experts, to ensure that their analyses are consistent with our own market observations.

Why do we put so much time and effort into our analyses? It's simple: to give your investments the best possible foundations and performance. The more specific, accurate and reliable our analysis is, the more precisely we can work with you to develop an investment strategy that is individually tailored to your needs and will produce the successful outcome you desire. Your personal advisor will be glad to take time for you.

Trust your head or your gut?

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