The rising prospect of living ten decades

For Switzerland’s wealthy, living a 100-year life is not an outcome they consider a mere possibility. It’s one they expect.

UBS Investor Watch

This first global issue of UBS Investor Watch – the largest survey of wealthy investors in the world – explores the interplay among wealth, health and longevity. In Switzerland, over 400 wealthy investors were surveyed.

"Can I afford to live to the age of 100?"

"I can see myself having to work for longer" – Male, 51

"How do I make my assets fit for the long term?"

"I need to develop a detailed plan that will help make my income last for as a long as I might need it." – Male, 67


"Which investment themes offer long-term prospects?"

"I will solidify my investment portfolio to gain returns on investment regularly." – Female, 67


"Investing in harmony with the environment and society?"

"I want to invest in empowering people with the knowledge, attitude, motivation and skills live healthy lives." – Female, 69

Read the full report for more details, including:

  • Concerns and opportunities related to longevity
  • Giving up wealth in exchange for health and investing in the health of society
  • Working longer and work/life balance
  • Giving while living and legacy planning