Our mission

Unsere Mission: Gemeinsam schaffen wir nachhalti-ges Unternehmenswachstum

How can I generate growth at my company? And how do others do it? We believe that constructive knowledge sharing and the right network are key to sustainable growth. As a leading Swiss bank for companies we accompany you on your journey to success.

That’s why our UBS Growth Talks bring together exciting Swiss entrepreneurs – with in-depth contributions from our financial experts. Here, you can find answers, ideas and support from other entrepreneurs and from the UBS network.

Discover the UBS Growth Talks

Porträt von Andy Fischer und Fabian Dieziger

Market developments, new technologies, and changing customer needs can lead to SMEs having to rethink their business model. Entrepreneurs Andy Fischer and Fabian Dieziger explain how they are transforming their companies.

Portrait of von Pilloud Walchli

Innovation is the key to success. Jeannine Pilloud and Enzo Wälchli explain how companies become and remain innovative.

Porträt von Gysi Schneider

Networks play an important role in the success of SMEs. Entrepreneurs Moritz Schneider and Matthias Gysi discuss this key factor.

Portrait of Putallaz Thibaudeau

What is my company’s location strategy and why? A discussion with Sue Putallaz and Nicola Thibaudeau (in French).

Porträt von Roller Bosshard

Consolidation waves due to takeovers are changing the market dynamic. Stephanie Roller and Stefan Bosshard on the opportunities for SMEs (in German).

Porträt von Brack Hediger

Entrepreneurs and investors: Roland Brack and Fabian Hediger provide tips for both roles (in German).

Porträt von Sahli Curiger

How should you expand abroad? Philippe Sahli and Alexander Curiger report on their experiences (in German).

Porträt von Kiepas Hunziker

Business abroad has its own particular risks. Evelyn Kiepas and Federica Hunziker know how to handle them (in German).

Porträt von Keusen Bruhin

What is important when buying or selling a company? Kay Keusen's and Hannes Bruhin's experiences (in German).

Porträt von Bonvin Levy

Reconciling business and private goals: A discussion between Daniel Levy from Regent and Alexandre Bonvin from Audacia Holding (in French).

Porträt von Klein Thüler

There are lots of different theories about investing. Marion Klein from Pack Easy and Michael Thüler from stürmsfs share some handy tips (in German).

Porträt von Hasler Tessaro

Gabriel Hasler, CEO of brewery Docteur Gab’s, and Marco Tessaro, CEO of LUMA delicatessen, discuss entrepreneurship in times of crisis (in German).

Porträt von Born Jenny

Christoph Jenny, co-founder of Planted, and Michael Born, co-founder of PXL Vision, on growth and their journey as entrepreneurs (in German).

How to benefit

Talks von Peer zu Peer

Peer-to-peer talks

Two entrepreneurs share their experience in video talks and podcasts that you won’t find anywhere else.

Insights von Experten für Experten

Insights from experts for experts

Informative articles containing useful insights for entrepreneurs – with the know-how from the UBS network.

Networking digital und live

Digital and live networking

Whether live or digital, you have the chance to benefit from our network at events held by UBS, our partners or in a personal consultation.

Alain Conte – Leiter Corporate & Institutional Clients Switzerland
You are cordially invited to become a part of UBS Growth Talks. Because your experience as an entrepreneur can help thousands of others.
Alain Conte – Head Corporate & Institutional Clients Switzerland