Topsy Why is Topsy red?

Our clever little fox Topsy used to be turquoise, but now he’s red. Why? We asked some kids what they thought.

For Isadora, the answer was obvious: “Topsy’s got sunburn!” You end up red, whether you like it or not. Lia had a similar idea: “Maybe Topsy did something wrong and he’s embarrassed. So he’s blushing.” Jamie and Marco take a very different view. They think a silver robot painted Topsy: “He used a felt-tip pen.” Or perhaps a wicked witch cast a spell on him? Joya had a theory along those lines, which also involved a big thunderstorm.

“Out of the mouth of babes,” as the saying goes. We love the explanations the children came up with and the tremendous level of imagination they reveal.

The Topsy report

Find out the real reason why Topsy’s fur is red in our big report. To mark his 30th birthday, we look back over his life, from when he was born right through to the 3D world where he and his friends go on adventures today.