UBS Active Allocation Portfolio*

You want to take advantage of global investment opportunities but are worried about market risks.

UBS Active Allocation Portfolio is a discretionary portfolio solution that is actively managed by an experienced team of UBS investment specialists to achieve stable returns.
The portfolio is globally diversified and consists of leading UBS and third-party money market instruments, bonds, equities and non-traditional assets (e.g. hedge funds and commodities).

UBS Active Allocation Portfolio uses a strict risk management process to target stable investment performance over the market cycle (but does not offer capital protection). In volatile markets, and when portfolio performance is negative, the solution aims to preserve capital by decreasing exposure to risky assets. During calmer markets, and when portfolio performance is positive, the exposure to risky assets is increased.

To keep you informed, UBS Active Allocation Portfolio provides you with regular reporting and asset statements.

You can choose between two investment strategies, "Defensive" and "Aggressive", which differ from each other with respect to their risk/return profiles.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Focus on stable returns: You benefit from an actively managed portfolio that – in line with your personal risk/return profile – adjusts to the market environment aiming to stabilise mandate returns.
  • Wealth Preservation: Your portfolio uses active management and a range of risk management techniques to focus on wealth preservation (but does not offer capital protection).
  • Global investment opportunities: You gain access to a diversified portfolio that aims to profit from a range of global investment opportunities.
  • Leading investment managers: Your portfolio contains leading UBS and third-party managers that invest in bonds, equities and non-traditional assets.
  • UBS investment specialists: You delegate the day-to-day investment decisions to an experienced team of UBS specialists who are supported by a set of quantitative risk management and asset allocation tools.
  • Transparent reporting: You are kept regularly informed on our investment decisions and the performance of your portfolio.

*Formerly known as UBS Absolute Return.