Strategic Asset Allocation – charting your course in ever-changing conditions

In today’s volatile global markets, investors need to reassess the risks which they are prepared to take and reconsider how their existing investment objectives can be achieved. At UBS Wealth Management, we have a clear strategy to help clients navigate towards long-term investment success, called Strategic Asset Allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation - charting your course in ever-changing conditions

Put simply, this investment approach is geared to diversifying client investments into a wide range of asset classes in order to reduce overall portfolio risks and to enhance returns over the long term. Such positioning is crucial to help cushion client portfolios from market fluctuations.

From our experience of previous market crises over the past 20 years, challenging times nevertheless have been embedded with attractive investment opportunities for investors to take advantage of.

Strategic Asset Allocation helps clients steer towards investment success. Its investment strategy is rooted in our understanding of each client's investment objective, risk profile and expected return. Our global research reach provides clients with regular and independent insights to help them make investment decisions and fine-tune portfolios in response to changes in market fundamentals.

Because every single investor is different and every portfolio is highly individual, the process begins with a client advisor who analyzes your life goals and risk appetite to chart out an approach that is tailor-made for you. Speak to us today and find out how we can offer strategic advice to match your investment needs.

To find out more, talk to your UBS client advisor.