SI Approach

Sustainable investing is changing the way investors think about the companies they invest in.

20 May 2019

A report conducted in 2016 by the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance found that between 2012 and 2016, sustainable assets under management doubled in value from USD 14 trillion to USD 23 trillion. This makes sustainable investing the fastest-growing investment sector in the world.

Growing client demand and regulatory pressures have seen sustainable investing become more mainstream in the last five years. This, coupled with external factors such as the UN backed principles for responsible investing have meant that the market is moving towards greater investment transparency. This move to sustainable investing is changing the way investors approach their investment strategies, including what companies they choose to invest in.

In this UBS Asset Management insights chapter, we examine the new insights that can come from integrating material, non-financial data in the investment analysis process. We chart the rise of sustainable investing, the push and pull factors and the exciting innovations which sustainable investing is bringing to the investment industry.

UBS Asset Management has created a comprehensive approach in order to deal with the growing popularity of sustainable investing. This approach is based on two key pillars: the integration of ESG factors in the investment research process and an active engagement policy.

Find out more about UBS Asset Management’s approach to sustainable investing today, as well as our diverse array of investment solutions.