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UBS China High Yield Fund

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Attractive income opportunity in zero-interest-rate age

China is the second largest bond market globally. China's offshore bond market also offers investors enhanced diversification, liquidity, and broad investment opportunities with attractive yield. 

as of end Dec 2020

1. Attractive yields

China high yield bonds offer relatively attractive yields and a positive fundamental outlook. Longer term, we hold a positive outlook on the China high yield sector with the continued accommodative stance of central bank policies and sound credit fundamentals.

Asset class

Asset class

Yield (%)

Yield (%)

Asset class

China USD High Yield

Yield (%)


Asset class

Asia High Yield

Yield (%)


Asset class

USD High Yield

Yield (%)


Asset class

EUR High Yield

Yield (%)


2. Focus on total return, not just yield 

The Fund focuses on attractive risk adjusted returns and total return, not just yield. Through active management, dynamic risk positioning, and diligent security selection, the Fund seeks to generate attractive total returns throughout market cycles.

3. Lower default rate prospect

Our current default forecast for the Asian credit universe is 3-4%1, whereas we expect China high yield defaults to be even lower around 2%1 as the space benefits from better starting point fundamentals and targeted support by the government for the corporate sector.

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