In our words

We asked a few of our UBS colleagues to share their own views on the Investor Watch "Own your worth" study. Watch the videos to see what they said.

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Watch Stefanie's story.

"Along the way there were some tough decisions to make."

Stefanie, a UBS project manager, gives a very personal view of the need to be highly engaged in your own financial future.

When life interrupts and disrupts

Sherry talks about why it's important to prepare ourselves when life is calm – for when it's not.

Girls take Wall Street

Learn more about our boot camp for financial literacy and leadership.

Making it a business priority

Tracey, a UBS leader in Singapore, talks about what the Investor Watch "Own Your Worth" findings for the APAC market.

Starting the conversation

Jacqueline talks about the work she does to bring women into financial conversations.

It's never too young

London-based Joyce shares how she's already involving her young children in financial decision-making.

Something surprising

US-based Kathleen talks about what surprised her in the "Own your worth" findings.

Make sure everyone's voice is heard

Client Advisor Alexis talks about how he engages with clients.

Why I became a financial advisor

Wendy talks about a personal life event that inspired her to become a financial advisor.

More challenging than I expected

Carolina talks about how she recently had to have a challenging conversation about finances.

Understanding gives you a choice

Stacey talks about how financial understanding and literacy allows you to have a choice.

Role modeling is important

Marina shares how she aims to be a role model for long term financial decision-making.

Don't make assumptions

Giles talks about how the financial services industry could make it easier for people to engage.