Industry Leader Network (ILN)

*This page contains insights from the UBS Industry Leader Network, a global group of UBS clients and prospects who are private business owners and executives. Their views may differ from those of UBS.

Connecting entrepreneurs

The Industry Leader Network (ILN) is a peer-to-peer network that helps you stay on top of fast-moving and ever-changing business trends and opportunities.

The ILN lets you connect to other members at content-rich events, on the digital platform, and through regular information exchanges that can help you stay on top of your game.


Become part of an elite group of business owners – from around the world


Interactive and content-rich events that focus on topics relevant to your business today – and tomorrow


Economic and industry observations sourced directly from business leaders – not found in the newspaper

Entrepreneurial insights

Staying on top of fast-moving and ever-changing business trends is a job by itself. It requires timely insights, well-researched analysis, and access to relevant information when you need it.

Analysts from the Chief Investment Office regularly engage with each ILN member in short, one-to-one dialogues on the trends driving their business activities and influencing their outlooks. The collection of these exclusive perspectives on the global economy are aggregated into a monthly report – Industry Leader Insights – and made available exclusively to the ILN.

Digital platform

We've recently introduced a digital platform where members of the UBS Industry Leader Network can connect directly to exchange business insights and ideas. Anytime. Anywhere.

This digital platform allows our entrepreneurial clients to:

  • Connect directly with their peers
  • Read and exchange business insights and experiences
  • Communicate with industry experts

Networking events

Join business leaders from globally active, cross-sectoral, and industry leading companies at personalized and bespoke events to:

  • Learn from leading academic experts about the latest trends shaping economic, societal, and technological developments
  • Experience new business models and technologies in action through site visits
  • Brainstorm with peers on new ideas, approaches, and business opportunities
  • Be prepared for shifts and opportunities in your business landscape
  • Interact with peers across regions and sectors through small, interactive formats

Technologies to the rescue? 

Zurich, March 2020

Speaker: Deloitte, IBM, IMD experts

Highlighting technologies that have the power to transform businesses and the potential to endure for the year and decade ahead.

Emerging tech in China 

Hong Kong, Oct 2019

Speaker: Industry experts

Discovering the China’s 40 Years of technological development. Deep dive into the different subsectors of China tech, especially those areas less well known on an international basis

Shifting supply chains 

London, June 2019

Speaker: Michael McAdoo (BCG)

A workshop on changing global supply trend shifts to learn how trade tensions and secular shifts are opening up new opportunities and risks in global supply chains.

Digital health 

Boston (Harvard University), Oct 2018

Speaker: Harvard Medical School Professors

A unique on-campus experience and presentations of world-class medical researchers on how technology is shaping the healthcare industry to help improve outcomes and enhance efficiency.

Industry 4.0 

Stuttgart (Mercedes Benz), May 2018

Speaker: Toto Wolff (Mercedes-AMG Team)

Discuss the core elements of Industry 4.0 and its industrial applications. Explore innovation through live demonstrations and a tour of Daimler-Benz's manufacturing facility to experience the company's transformation.

Robotics & innovation 

Zurich (ETH University), Nov 2017

Speaker: ETH Zurich Professors

Learn about "AI and Robotics" developments through inspiring presentations. Topics covered include additive manufacturing, the Internet of Things (IoT) for shop floor workers, and supply chain management.

Silicon Valley 

San Francisco (Silicon Valley), Jan 2017

Speaker: Tesla, QAD, SAP, CrowdFlower exec

Take a closer look at how businesses can integrate new technologies to enjoy a competitive edge in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Learn about agile business models to ride the wave of innovation and its unpredictable path of progress