Art Advisory

Inspired by art. Inspired by greatness.

Finding your way through art 

Art is a passion. It brings emotional fulfillment. There are several ways of cultivating a passion for art, and the motivation behind every art collection is different. But passion is what all great collectors share.

The UBS Art Advisory can support you in pursuing your passion, navigating the intricacies of building up your own art collection and securing your art legacy for future generations. Turning your vision into reality requires long-term partnerships built on understanding and trust, which for us form the foundation for shaping great wealth.

It means living, and leaving a legacy.


  • We support you to build, manage or transmit your collection, by having a strategic and long-term focus
  • Our thematic Advisory Modules focus on topics such as:
    • Building Your Collection Strategically
    • Managing Your Collection Professionally
    • Creating Your Art Legacy


  • Along the themes of our Advisory Modules we and our network of specials support you to bring your plans into practice. We offer project coordination support through bespoke and mutually agreed Art Mandates focusing on following topics: 
    • "Collection Strategy & Art Management Mandate" 
    • "Art Legacy Mandate"


The "Art Collectors Circle" reflects our ambition to facilitate a global dialogue around art and collecting, allowing the world's most sophisticated collectors to have a private forum for discussion. We create exclusive platforms for collectors with our global community the " Art Collectors Circle", to meet and exchange views both online and at member gatherings globally.

Want to learn more about UBS and Art?

"Artist Ed Ruscha with Mary Rozell, Global Head of the UBS Art Collection"

Art provides insight into our complex and unpredictable world. It brings people together, opens conversations and changes perspectives.

Hear from some of the leading creative figures today on the questions that shape our world and keep up to date with the latest art news.