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Ten predictions about AI

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1. AI will be the most profound innovation and one of the largest investment opportunities in human history

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2. AI will kick off a data center capex cycle that will dwarf general purpose data center capex in the next three years

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3. The ratio of monetization potential of the AI application layer to the costs of the enabling and intelligence layers will become a key metric for investment returns

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4. The AI market will be dominated by an oligopoly of vertically integrated “AI foundries”

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5. The AI silicon moment: AI chips will capture a large part of the value creation

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6. Monolithic players emerge along the AI value chain

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7. The race to AGI could trigger a capex cycle that inflates an investment bubble where the capex of the enabling layer is dissociated from near-term monetization potential

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8. The application layer and intelligence layers will merge with AGI

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9. Software will become ubiquitous

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10. Data assets will emerge as the competitive differentiators for AI adopters

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Artificial Intelligence (AI):
Sizing and seizing the investment opportunity

Video series

Videos related to artificial intelligence

AI: Sizing and seizing the investment opportunity

AI looks set to become one of the most profound innovations and largest investment opportunities in human history. In this video, CIO’s Kevin Dennean discusses how investors can quantify and capture AI’s growth potential.

UBS Trending: AI is a drain on energy and water

Microsoft announced that it expects its carbon emissions to increase by 30%, a significant change driven primarily by the construction of data centers. Data centers are also vulnerable to draughts, as significant water is required to run them.

UBS Trending: Powering AI

The recent boom in artificial intelligence capital spending is leading to a rush to build lots of new data centers. However, is the key hurdle for the AI revolution getting enough electricity to meet this growing demand?

UBS Trending: AI through an industrial lens

Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic for investors over the last year. The focus has been primarily on technology companies—with many tech-related AI stocks appreciating significantly. But is AI more than just a tech story?

UBS Trending: AI - Revolutionizing efficiencies and software costs

As we stand on the brink of an Artificial Intelligence driven revolution, we are witnessing a shift in the world of software: the declining cost to create products, services, and businesses. Why does that matter to you?

UBS Trending: Monetization and growth of AI

Artificial Intelligence has lifted equity markets to near record levels. Could it be there’s more room to grow or are we facing a potential bubble?

Summer of AI video series

Part 1: Origins of AI

Featuring Dr. Jules White, Associate Dean for Strategic Learning Programs and an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Vanderbilt University.

Part 2: Investment implications and opportunities of AI

Featuring Kevin Dennean, CIO Technology Sector Strategist, Jeremie Capron, Partner and Director of Research, ROBO Global, and Jay Jacobs, Managing Director, U.S. Head of Thematics and Active Equity ETFs, BlackRock.

Part 3: Impact of AI on jobs, education, and the economy

Part 3 focuses on the impact of artificial intellitgence on jobs, education, and the economy joined by Paul Donovan, Chief Economist, UBS and Dr. Bruce Lenthall, Executive Director at the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Pennsylvania.

Part 4: Applications of AI

The fourth event covers the various applications of artificial intelligence with Sam Charrington, a noted ML/AI industry analyst, advisor and commentator, and host of the TWIML AI Podcast (formerly This Week in Machine Learning and AI).

AI in action: Use cases

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