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Our people are passionate about representing your interests. They are always striving to exceed expectations and deliver the highest level of service possible.

Sebastian Baer

Business Development, FIM Desk Luxembourg

I aim to establish long-term relationships with my business partners. I start by listening to our partners’ requirements and challenges and continue to stay close to them to develop a true collaboration. Together with a team of highly-skilled colleagues who are equally as passionate as I am, UBS in Luxembourg positions itself as a leading custodian bank for FIMs who manage an international and demanding clientele. Our business is much about passion and not only about fees. At the same time, a good sense of risk awareness and knowledge of regulatory requirements is key to doing business in a compliant and sustainable manner.

Ann-Kathrin Diedrich

Business Management, FIM Germany

We provide our client-facing colleagues with information, services and technical enhancements that lay the foundation for excellent client service. In order to continuously improve, it is essential for us to connect the FIM business in Germany and Switzerland and ensure our FIMs' needs are grounded in a global technical setup with continued enhancements. Our most fulfilling work comes from the variety of requests, topics and projects that we handle and from our FIMs' success.

Doron Guggenheim

Business Development, FIM Emerging Markets

I am responsible for establishing and developing new business relationships in Israel, South Africa, Greece and Cyprus. In addition I lead all client interactions beyond the scope of daily business activity: complex projects, special client needs and deals, troubleshooting demanding cases and more. "We make it happen!" – this is the credo my team and I live up to daily and what drives us. Developing business means building trusting relationships, showing personal commitment and always driving to find the right solution for the client, preferably in person as often as possible. Passion about markets and culture, speaking the clients' language and treating each client individually – that's what makes the difference.

Markus Haeny

Head of FIM Singapore

At GFIM UBS Singapore we want to offer technological innovation, impeccable service quality and access to the unique UBS platform to our FIMs. I'm convinced that the FIM market in Asia is only at the beginning of an exciting future.

Silke Schueler

Head FIM Functional Risk Management

As a team of risk experts, our responsibility is to partner with our front staff and management and promote a sound risk culture. We align the decisions we make with the FIM strategy and defined risk appetite and take necessary actions to navigate through today's complex business environment. As a global segment, one of our key success factors is close cooperation with all of our international FIM locations to implement global standards in all locations and strengthen our FIM franchise across all Booking Centers.

Pascal Ambauen

Desk Head, FIM Solutions Deutschschweiz

Leading the FIM Solutions Desk based in Zurich is an exciting job. FIM Solutions covers less complex Swiss-based Financial Intermediaries and focuses on lean and efficient services. Our team members have a diverse background and longstanding experience in the banking industry. Service quality is at the core of our day-to-day interactions with our clients. Our relentless commitment and our passion for people are the key elements to strengthen our client focus and to ultimately deliver a successful Client Experience.

Fabienne Desportes de la Fosse

Relationship Manager, FIM Suisse romande

As a Relationship Manager, my contribution to Global FIM's sustainable growth lies first and foremost in the development of long-term relationships with FIMs based in Geneva. Through the FIMs, we serve end clients across many countries and all segments. Achieving business growth through delivery of strategic content and investment opportunities are the most stimulating aspects of the role.