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Sometimes life is the most extreme sport. 

Walid Anwar is currently on track to becoming an orthopedic surgeon. He dreams of the day when he will be a doctor and will help people overcome the hurdles life presents. It's a challenge he knows all too well. Growing up in one of London's most challenged boroughs, he is no stranger to overcoming odds.

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London is a cultural hub, a global center of finance and business. We are proud to operate there.

But it also has many challenges, from huge income inequalities to educational inaccessibility.

Walid is from East Ham where childhood poverty levels are some of the highest in the Britain (58.3%)1.

When he was growing up, the situation was even more difficult. Access to quality education and opportunity was extremely limited.

By working globally with organizations like IntoUniversity, we help disadvantaged youths to achieve their ambitions.

Since our partnership began in 2007, IntoUniversity has grown from 2 to 30 centers across the UK and reached 17,362 students in disadvantaged areas of London.

Walid is one of them.

Walid came to IntoUniversity with a maths question and came out with bigger ambitions; and a dream to access University.

Today, he is studying at King's College London. His future is a bright one.

We wish him best of luck!

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