The ocean is also a key contributor to our economies – it is the lifeblood for industries spanning from shipping and transportation to tourism and recreation. In the report we aim to highlight which industries ocean conservancy will likely impact in the years to come.

Ocean conservancy and longer term investments

Our Chief Investment Office's (CIO) longer term investment themes Waste Management and Recycling (PDF, 295 KB)Water Scarcity , and Agricultural Yield  touch on key issues and technological innovations that can potentially drive change in these industries. CIO's Longer Term Investments: Renewables (PDF, 836 KB) discusses the potential to generate electricity from the oceans' tides.

Investors interested in generating a positive impact, and who indicate a preference for ocean conservancy, can be best served by targeting investments that can improve the oceans' health, directly or indirectly.

This can potentially be accomplished via impact investing, typically through private equity, private debt, or direct investments that generate intentional, measurable, and verifiable positive impact.

A deeper dive is still needed…

With oceans covering a large majority of the Earth, we have barely scratched the surface of opportunities related to ocean conservancy. Mounting concerns regarding ocean conservancy and, more broadly, climate change have the potential to influence industry and consumer behaviours globally as we attempt to navigate towards a more sustainable future. For more information please see the full report: Life Below Water: World Oceans Day 2019 (PDF, 1 MB).

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