The UBS Art Gallery in New York

The public arts space at 1285 Avenue of the Americas provides an opportunity to discover works from the UBS Art Collection as well as a special program of temporary exhibitions

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Sarah Morris, ‘UBS Wall Painting’, 2001/2019, household gloss paint on wall, UBS Art Collection © Sarah Morris, Photo Credit: Tom Powel Imaging.

Launched in 2019, the UBS Art Gallery is a public arts space located in the lobby of our Midtown New York Headquarters at 1285 Avenue of the Americas. The gallery provides an opportunity to discover works from the UBS Art Collection, featuring permanent installations by important artists including Sarah Morris, Frank Stella, Fred Eversley and Howard Hodgkin, alongside a special program of temporary exhibitions.

Several works on permanent display pay homage to the UBS Art Collection’s longstanding history of collaborating with living artists throughout their careers. Facing Avenue of the Americas, Sarah Morris’s ‘UBS Wall Painting’ is a monumental, site-specific work which is derived from a 2001 commission for UBS in Zurich – the artist’s very first commission. Similarly, a chromo-kinetic sculpture by Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez was once part of an architectural intervention in the Union Bank of Switzerland in Zurich in 1975.

Other permanently installed works in the main reception area and North Gallery include a sculpture by Shinique Smith, made of bundled clothing and fabric, and a polychromatic metal relief by Frank Stella from his dynamic ‘Moby Dick’ series. These are exhibited alongside a parabolic lens by Light and Space artist Fred Eversley, and a hand painted aquatint print by Howard Hodgkin, celebrated for vibrant compositions filled with atmosphere and emotion.

 “The Collection has expanded over the decades alongside the growth of the firm and now encompasses a wealth of works and artists representing cultures from around the world, including iconic art of the last half century and new acquisitions that express the impulses and preoccupations of the current moment,” explains Mary Rozell, Global Head of UBS Art Collection. “The guiding mission for the Collection is to capture the most significant artists and ideas of our time, and we are proud to have a dedicated gallery space to share that work with the public”.

The UBS Art Collection hosts three to four rotating exhibitions per year in the South Gallery. The opportunity to share these works with the public, and create a space for new art initiatives, reflects UBS’s commitment to art – not merely as a source of inspiration and enjoyment, but as a tool that drives innovation and sparks conversation around the most significant issues of our time.

The UBS Art Gallery at 1285 Avenue of the Americas, New York

Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 6:00pm

April 2019