“I don’t think that ambition differs between men and women; I think it’s opportunities that are different,” reflects Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator of the Department of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art. A leader in her field, Antonelli is one of three women to feature in 'Breaking Glass', a series of short films that profile some of the exceptional women transforming industries still dominated by men.

“I was held back a lot, in terms of titles and positions,” Antonelli continues, discussing the challenge she faced as a woman seeking success. That adversity, however, inspired her success: “It’s motivated me and strengthened my ambition,” she explains. Female mentors have also proved “tremendously important” to both her life and career – a sentiment echoed by women across the series, who cite their profound impact.

Having reached positions of power, each of the leaders celebrated in 'Breaking Glass' are using their platforms to champion the voices of other women and empower future generations. “We stand on the shoulders of women who have gone before us,” says Jude Kelly, the British Theatre Director and Director of Women of the World Festival, sponsored by UBS. “They have given us education, the ability to not be property. We’ve got to keep that fight going.”

For Kimberley Bryant, the founder and director of educational initiative Black Girls Code, that ambition is at the core of her professional ambition. The tech pioneer summarizes: “I want girls to realize they have the power to create the life that they want for themselves – and that it can’t be restricted by others’ opinions of what they can and can’t be.”

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