Find out how Shalini went from Business management to leading UBS SUPER Academy

Shalini tells us what it was like leaving her role as a business manager in Global Wealth Management behind and starting as a team lead in the UBS SUPER Academy.

What led you to making this move?

In my many years at UBS, I‘ve been fortunate enough to have worked in multiple different roles and areas of the firm. After a few years as a business manager in Global Wealth Management, I felt it was time for another change. When the new role was posted, I saw it immediately and several people, including a colleague from the Human Resources Internal Mobility team, reached out to me and told me they thought I’d be a good fit for the role. My line manager at the time fully supported the idea as well, so I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Not only was this an exciting new challenge but also something that really interested me.

Tell us about your current role.

I am the lead for a new initiative called UBS Singapore University Program for Employability and Resilience (UBS SUPER). Our goal is to upskill 300 graduates and mid-career hires to help get them “future ready”. In my daily work, I get to share my skills and insights with young talents to help them enhance their employability. When I came to this team, it was still early days, so I was heavily involved in laying the foundation – I helped build the team, create the program design and mission statement.

How has the move helped your career?

The role comes with a unique set of challenges and complexities. I collaborate with a range of universities and government officials, which is very different from my previous experience of managing business stakeholders – I needed to focus on a whole new set of expectations and priorities. This move has helped me hone my problem-solving, ability to influence, decision-making and people skills which are invaluable for my leadership and career development.

Why do you think it’s important to have a company culture that supports internal mobility?

I think it’s important to let employees seek challenges outside of their comfort zone. It allows you to constantly grow professionally and intellectually – it’s not only good for employees but also for the firm.

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