Technology disruptions are happening more frequently; there needs to be a mindset change for building leaner and agile software solutions in order to adapt. 

Share your tech mantra in just one line.

Engineering is more about mindset and culture and not just processes.

You lead a key team in UBS, could you briefly explain what your team does?

My team, Order Management System (OMS), is the core of IB technology and as the development manager I make sure we deliver high quality products and automate to reduce time to market. The team comprises highly-skilled computer engineers that work on building highly efficient applications that can process huge volumes of data with minimal delay.

What does someone aspiring to join in your team need to know?

Digital revolution in banking means technology is playing a far more important role in differentiating us. We are a trusted partner for our clients and one reason for this our technology. We ensure our clients have access to their portfolios without any downtime.

This requires efficient monitoring and checks to make sure that our systems are able to handle high volumes without any glitches. We also need strong development and Quality Assurance teams who are always working on making our systems better. Automating our processes with a strong dev-ops support is the key to remain agile and to keeping the technology landscape relevant by avoiding entropy.

What’s the next big thing for techies to watch out?

Big data and related technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence will be game changers in the near future. Data mining, analytics, visualization will enable firms to understand their clients better and provide solutions which are most relevant.

While focusing on the latest technology trends, it has become even more important to build strong foundations.

Your message to young women professionals

Due to the pandemic, working from home has become the norm. I feel this could help reduce the gender gap in some ways. I think women professionals could benefit from the new normal by taking advantage of the flexibility.

I urge them to be bold, challenge the status quo and be a pioneer in technology and other fields. Longevity of career opens up multiple avenues and enables us to fulfil our personal as well as professional aspirations.

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