A protector of cyber UBS

Ewa joined UBS in September 2019 as an intern in one of the Technology teams in Poland. Currently, she continues her studies at the University of Science and Technology in Wroclaw, and works at UBS in parallel.

Ewa, what's your role at UBS?

I'm an intern in the Cyber and Information Security Portfolio Management team, within the Infrastructure and Security Engineering department. I'm part of a great team, responsible for managing the programs and projects connected with cybersecurity – a very important topic for all companies nowadays.

That sounds cool! Can you tell us more about what you do?

Our team is split into different sub-teams. Together with my colleagues, I'm responsible for reporting and portfolio execution. I design, implement and apply new reports for the Cyber and Information Security Portfolio. During my internship I also became interested in business intelligence and data analysis, and I'm planning to further develop my skills and knowledge in those areas.

What led you to join UBS?

I’m currently in the second year of my studies of system engineering, and as the leader of our Student Council, I’ve had the opportunity to organize various events for students together with companies. Through those events, I met great people who work at UBS – that truly got me interested. I particularly remember an event organized with the UBS Women in Tech community. I found their stories very inspiring and I started to see myself as a potential future member of the UBS team.

And now, you're part of Technology team. What do you think about the role of women in the tech world?

Every day, working together with colleagues in various projects, shows me how great it is to work in such a diverse team. At UBS, I met lots of women in various positions in IT – from field experts to senior management roles. To me, this is truly inspiring. I appreciate that the firm runs initiatives (both internally and externally) to support women in IT. UBS Women in Tech is a really strong community and I'm happy to be part of it.

Are you still working in the student organization?

Yes, I'm actually still the leader of it. My mission is to show others that being proactive and going the extra mile can be very valuable. This, in combination with our studies, makes us stand out to future employer and makes us a great asset to any team.

How are you able to manage all duties of being a student, intern and active member of a student organization?

I have to be honest, sometimes it's not easy. The first thing is that I plan what to do, and when. I think that if you need to juggle multiple commitments, you need to be able to switch between your activities quickly. I don’t have a problem with that, but sometimes it’s tiring. Nevertheless, all these three parts of my life are connected with each other; I learn things in my studies and student organization, which help me at work, and vice versa.

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