Marcin is going to graduate from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, one of the best technical universities in Poland. Read more to find out what helped him start his career in a big financial institution like UBS, and why it's important to be engaged in additional projects during your studies.

Marcin, could you tell us what made you want to join UBS?

I'm currently studying applied mathematics, and from the very beginning, I was hooked and wanted to dig deeper into the topic. For that reason, I joined the Student's Society of Financial Modelling where I could develop my knowledge and interests related to financial mathematics. For the past two years I have been the president of the board, responsible for cooperating with some the biggest financial institutions, like UBS. We organize conferences, workshops and classes for students, conducted by the companies’ experts. Having the chance to make these connections with employers had been a huge advantage for me. I was able to get to know UBS, as a company, and its fantastic and talented people. That's what made me apply for an internship at UBS.

What would you say about your internship at UBS?

I joined UBS in August 2019, as an intern in the Credit Methodology team. My responsibilities were mainly focused on developing and enhancing the methodology for calculating one of the Investment Bank portfolios. My six-month internship allowed me to gain real-life experience, related to the development of stress testing models. After the internship, I received an offer for a permanent position. I'm still here and very happy of what I'm doing!

How does your current role look like?

I now work as a risk modeling and analytics specialist where model development and stress testing have become a fundamental part of my job. What I especially like is that I can still learn new things from the experienced and supportive colleagues around me.

How does the knowledge you gained at university help you in your current job?

I would say that the level of mathematical knowledge I gained in my technical studies gave me a good basis to start with, but you need to continuously develop your skills within your job. In order to implement and enhance our models in a proper way, it’s also important to understand the economic reason behind every part of the model and be able to explain it. My team and other colleagues around me are very helpful and keen to share their knowledge with students – just keep your eyes open and take all the opportunities that you can.

What do you think about the collaboration between UBS and universities?

I think it’s great! During our studies we usually learn about mathematics, mostly from a theoretical perspective. The courses and workshops organized by UBS lets students speak with field experts and complement that theoretical knowledge. Thanks to these initiatives I felt much better prepared to take on the responsibilities in my current role.

So would you say that it’s worth taking part in extracurricular activities?

Definitely yes. The past two years spent in the Student’s Association of Financial Mathematics were very beneficial for me. Joining that organization was one of the most important decisions I made during my studies.

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