Manisha joined our technology team in AI (artificial intelligence) and automation as part of the veteran hiring program in India. An ex-squadron leader with the Indian Airforce, she shares her experience of entering the corporate world and her journey with us so far.

“When I joined UBS it was a completely new setting and work culture for me. I felt like I was diving into a new ocean of opportunities. And today, after some adapting, I feel accustomed to the new environment. This transition was a challenge, with me dangling between my memories of the Indian Airforce and the new corporate setup. However, the entire team helped make it easier.

The special induction gave insight into UBS's culture and strategies. Leaders shared the vision and future goals of the organization. Alongside this training, there's been a good amount of support from the team. We were also introduced to eminent veterans working here from around the globe, who shared their valuable insights on their transitions into the corporate world. It's exciting to be part of a global network which encourages collaboration across regions, with awesome people spread across the globe, working together for a common purpose.

The various initiatives to encourage work-life balance like football, table tennis, an adventure room, seminars, media interviews and video shoots pepped up my routine, too. It was a great experience to participate in these activities and, in turn, make friends with people from different teams.

I must make a special mention of the Code Red initiative, which encourages women working in technology to learn to code. Python was a great programming language selection for the course, due to its significance in IT automation. Learning opportunities like this are a definite standout feature for me.

Now, I feel accustomed to the new setting and confident in executing my duties in my current role. I thank the entire team for ensuring an enriching and memorable transition for us. I love my role and am proud to be part of Group Technology and its very interesting work. All in all, I feel this is the right mix which encourages an individual to put forth their best – any day and every day.“ 

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