I was the first campus hire for UBS Pune, and it has been a marvelous year of learning. I work for the automation and intelligent monitoring group. Our team's vision is to employ the best technologies in order to automate tasks and intelligently monitor our applications.

My work currently involves onboarding application and infrastructure data onto our data analysis system. My day's work begins with looking at the applications to be onboarded onto the system and their data logs. We convert the data logs from their unstructured format to a more structured one. This means closely examining various kinds of data from applications across all business functions, making the work challenging and interesting.

This also gives me contact with business functions who use these diverse software applications. The interactions with them help me to understand their systems and business points of view. It also helps them to understand what meaningful insights they can extract out of the masses of data. This is a very enriching experience as it allows me to delve into both technical and business parts of UBS.

I look forward to accelerating our analysis system’s onboarding process for 2018 and bringing our technology vision to life. In addition to this, I really appreciate all the support that I receive from senior management. They also provide me with my own leadership opportunities.

Recently, I took the initiative of bringing people from their screens to the football pitch by proactively organizing matches. The next task is to get a music band rolling. Overall, I am very happy to be part of an environment which is a welcome avenue for my personal and professional growth.

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