Richard on his internal movement 

Richard, New Yorker and head of Mission Critical Facilities (MCF), took on a six month assignment in Zurich, with the goal of strengthening the MCF program.

His move was a perfect opportunity to share his global and Americas expertise in a different region.

Before embarking on his journey to the land of chocolate and cheese fondue, Rich made sure that his team could work independently but reach out to him in case they had any questions.

What is Mission Critical Facilities (MCF)?

MCF manages the mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure for the facilities in which our IT infrastructure is kept. They look after the operational stability, cost control and risk management of these locations.

Being abroad in a whole new environment definitely tested his management skills. However, he managed to reach new heights professionally (and literally too, when he climbed the Hockenhorn). What else did he enjoy? He kept some notes on his time abroad, so let's see:

Richard says “Internal mobility is definitely something I promote within my team. I let everybody know that it’s an option and they are welcome to put it on the table and come to me if they are interested.”

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