David on his internal team movement experience

Can you introduce us to your work here?

I joined UBS a few years back as an external consultant, during a large transformation project. I moved to an internal role in 2016, in the transformation team, where I eventually started working on robotics. With the move to Schaffhausen, I had a great opportunity to build a local robotics delivery team.

What’s the best part of your job?

It doesn't get boring! The topics around automation and software-based robotics are quite new, and new technologies are becoming available very quickly. This means we’re facing fresh challenges and need to develop new ideas and solutions on a daily basis.

What is one of your favorite memories since joining UBS?

Taking part in the UBS Hackathon. This is an event where UBS colleagues get into teams and create innovative solutions for genuine business challenges. As the only non-IT team, we developed a software robot for a real business case in just 24 hours - and it worked.

You relocated from Zurich to Schaffhausen. What were your expectations before the move?

Having worked in different locations within UBS, I wasn't particularly worried about the move to Schaffhausen. One concern was the location outside of the city, but there is a dedicated UBS shuttle bus reaching the building in five minutes from the train station. Failing that, there are enough parking spaces around the building too.

I heard a lot about the brand new office equipment and was looking forward to it. Also, I was curious about the particular 'Schaffhausen Spirit' colleagues in Zurich were talking about. This turned out to be more than just a buzzword.

Upon arrival I was positively impressed by the office and equipment. Top notch technology and bright rooms make it very enjoyable to work here. There were even some surprises, like the "WeSpace" room with a 75" screen, video games and table soccer to take a break and refresh one's mind.

What`s great about working in Schaffhausen?

Firstly, people in the Schaffhausen office have created a calm and comfortable atmosphere to work in. This supports the second, even more important aspect of Schaffhausen – innovation!

We’re encouraged to try different things. I find this freedom to be crucial, especially within a large organization with long-established processes and procedures. Given the current dynamics in the marketplace, it’s key to have an open mind and to find better ways to do things.

What do you expect for the future of the office in Schaffhausen?

It’s continuing to grow as more teams move in, adding to the positive environment and innovative mindset. I expect many smart ideas and best practices coming from Schaffhausen, which can then be implemented in other UBS locations. Working here feels like becoming part of a start-up community within our organization.

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