Our Group Risk Control (GRC) team continues to grow in India. We caught up with three of its members, Prerana, Ameya and Mohit, to get the inside story.

Hi all. Can you tell us a little bit about your roles here?

Prerana: To make it easier, I should first say that GRC is made up of multiple teams. I’m in Compliance and Operational Risk Control (C&ORC). My role is to ensure that all compliance, conduct and operational risks are understood, owned and managed appropriately.

Ameya: I work for the Group Shareholder Reporting Program (GSP) team. We monitor the company’s shareholdings and also perform regulatory reporting.

Mohit: I work for C&ORC, like Prerana. I monitor (and support) our front line business as a second line of risk defense.

How important is the GRC function?

Prerana: It plays a key role in protecting the reputation and capital of the bank. Managing our processes effectively and meeting regulatory obligations ensures a culture of transparency, accountability and continual improvement.

Ameya: GRC is a critical part of compliance. Everything we do has the firm's reputation attached to it. We aim to be best in class risk managers.

Mohit: We’re constantly re-inventing better solutions. Each task or project brings fresh challenges to solve and new skills to learn. It’s what keeps me excited about work every day.

Do you also work with teams outside of India?

Prerana: I work with colleagues based in Singapore, the United Kingdom, the USA and Switzerland.

Ameya: As for me, I collaborate with people in Singapore, London, Switzerland, Australia & the USA.

Mohit: It's amazing that on a daily basis I get to talk to colleagues in Hong Kong, Australia, London and the USA! The firm always encourages internal mobility across GRC too.

What are you most proud of?

Prerana: In the last nine months, I’ve been given multiple opportunities to work on projects outside my daily activity (and all were delivered to expectations!)

Ameya: People are the core of GRC, and personal development is a big motivation. I’m proud to be part of a very highly recognized risk team that teaches me to be best in class.

Mohit: We initially started with only a handful of tasks but that has expanded, with so many more projects in the pipeline. Our team has accomplished so many things that we are proud of.

What does your team look for in a new joiner?

Prerana: We look for an understanding of the regulatory environment, good communication skills, ability to handle extremely sensitive information appropriately. They should ensure high quality of all deliverables and it helps to have an eye for process improvement too.

Ameya: We look for someone who is passionate and eager to learn in a dynamic regulatory world. Someone who can act as an ambassador when interacting with regulators.

Mohit: We need those who can stay on top of everything we do, with an ability to work collaboratively across the firm.

How is your good work recognized?

Prerana: I feel appreciated. Your thoughts are heard, considered and recognized by your seniors and peers here.

Ameya: No matter how small your achievement is, you are always appreciated by your seniors.

Mohit: I was nominated and selected for a GRC quarterly ‘thank you’ award by my executive director. The fact that he thought about nominating me and took the time to write a few words shows how each individual is recognized.

How would you describe each other in three words or less?

Prerana: Mohit is a real go-getter. Ameya is truly collaborative.

Ameya: Prerana is extremely down to earth and fun loving, and Mohit is very tech savvy.

Mohit: Prerana is very fun and jovial. Ameya is very supportive and our go-to guy for food options!

What hobbies do you have outside of work?

Ameya: I like playing snooker, driving and trying new cuisines!

Mohit: For me, it’s reading tech blogs and listening to music.

Prerana: I enjoy going on long road trips and designing handcrafted costume jewelry.

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