Meet Pradnya, Rishabh and Varun, three colleagues who work for different teams within Reporting & Analytics Services (RAS) in India.

When did you three first meet each other?

Pradnya – Reporting & Analytics Services (RAS) organizes a team bonding event every year, and it was at this event (at a resort in Pune) that we first met. One of the team building activities was a treasure hunt. We were a part of the same team, which got us talking!

What do you do and how do you collaborate with the business?

Varun – I work in the liquidity and funding team. We handle the reporting and analyzing of daily liquidity reports for Group Treasury and Regional Treasury. We provide inputs for the risk weighted assets data reported in monthly and quarterly reports.

Pradnya – I work for the Group Reporting team. We’re reporting numbers for the Asset Management and Personal & Corporate Banking business divisions. I collaborate with various teams to seek the data and inputs necessary.

Rishabh – I work in Corporate Center reporting team. I prepare various financial reports providing insight into Corporate Center functions for various teams. The RAS function has put a focus on automation and robotics and I’m one of the key team members helping to execute this project.

Can you tell us a bit more about the RAS function?

Pradnya – RAS provides information to senior management and client-facing businesses to help them make decisions and create value for shareholders. Furthermore, the information that we produce shows our compliance with regulations.

What other countries does your team collaborate with on a daily basis?

Pradnya – As we prepare reports for the Group and the different business divisions, we’re always collaborating globally, with colleagues in the US, EMEA and APAC.

What do you consider your biggest success and what are you proud of?

Varun – Getting one of our important, daily reports fully automated on a shared reporting platform has to top the list.

Pradnya –The fact that we’ve managed to take on and deliver a lot more from the time we started off as a team in Pune. It makes me a proud team member.

Rishabh – Although the role involves a lot of reporting, I’ve also been able to provide solutions directly to senior management. This is great exposure for our work.

What does your team look for in a new joiner?

Rishabh –Flexibility, adaptability, curiosity and being proactive.

How is your good work recognized? Do you feel appreciated?

Varun – RAS has a ‘Thank you awards’ event every quarter. Plus we get lots of encouragement from senior management, which is also motivating!

How would you quickly describe each other?

Varun –Pradnya is a keen observer and social.

Pradnya –Rishabh loves exploring new places, adventurous, ‘Mr. Reliable.’

Rishabh – Varun is a foodie and is fond of travelling.

What hobbies do you have outside of work?

Varun – I like writing and public speaking.

Pradnya – Dancing and I’ve just discovered an interest in table tennis.

Rishabh – You’ll find me watching action movies!

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