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Hey, Tayyabah, can you tell us a bit about your role?

As a Technology apprentice, I work with different teams in the Infrastructure area, and I rotate every few weeks. So far, I’ve worked with Risk, Unix (a popular operating system), Database and now VISM (which is a team mainly operating with Cloud, Network and Virtualisation technologies).

The tasks I get from the teams are challenging but equally fun and interesting. They have enhanced my knowledge and understanding of the different specialist teams and how they are part of the global infrastructure of UBS.

What do you find most exciting?

It is the international aspect of my work that I find most exciting. Just today I’ve taken part in meetings and projects with colleagues in counties such as Poland, the US and Switzerland. I am currently working on an automation project with a colleague in Tokyo too!

Did you have any preconceptions about working at a bank?

I thought that working in the office would be overly formal and that it would be hard to talk to people. This proved not to be true, thankfully. I’ve been learning new things every day, been given a number of important responsibilities and, on top of that, everyone in the office is friendly, approachable and supportive.

Can you tell us something interesting about you?

The most interesting thing about me would be the fact that I chose to go down the apprenticeship path instead of the well-trodden university route. The reason I chose to do this is because I realized that in this day and age; many people are graduating from university and struggling to get a relevant job to their field of study. An apprenticeship encourages employers to consider you on the basis of applicable skills and previous work experience, as well as future potential.

If you weren't working here, what job do you think you'd be great at?

I would still be looking to break into the field of technology, as this is where I want to build my career. Having qualified with CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) whilst studying for my A-Levels, my path was already set. I was initially nervous about making the decision to not go to university, as I hadn’t secured an apprenticeship at that time. But when the UBS opportunity came my way, I felt like I had found my golden ticket. I’m still holding onto my golden ticket tightly – with both hands!

Finally, tell us three things you love about working here.

I love the great support system that UBS has in place for its new joiners. I really appreciate the ‘buddy system’ especially. A ‘buddy’ is a sort of informal mentor. This person helps you ease into the office and working environment and is someone you can go to express any concerns or worries.

Secondly, the voluntary opportunities have helped me to get more involved in charitable and community support events outside of the office. I really enjoyed working alongside my fellow apprentices and senior managers to help revamp a local school’s playground.

Lastly, it’s amazing how flexible the apprenticeship is. I feel I have some control over the shape and content of my program as I’m in regular dialog with my manager about my specific interests. I am able to develop my skills and feed my curiosity whilst still doing my day to day job at UBS.

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