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Hi, Paras. Could you tell us a bit about what you do?

Right now I’m an operational risk lead. I’m working on integrated middle office financial control outsourcing, near-shoring and offshoring for the India audit team. I’m also the representative for business continuity management (supervising and governing business continuity strategy planning and running simulation exercises to ensure that there is sufficient coverage) in India when it comes to some of our delivery centers. This involves managing multiple projects, delivering training sessions on a variety of subjects, and being a coach and mentor.

Up until very recently I was also leading the India people committee driving collaboration, which included leading a reward and recognition program for the India offices.

How about your professional background and what led you here?

I have worked with large investment banks for the past 14 years. My banking career began in 2003, where I was working on mortgage products. After that, I had experience in investment banking, dealing with cash management, pre- and post-settlement, reference data and product control. In August 2014 I joined UBS as a service delivery team lead and relocated from UBS in London to help set up UBS India.

You’re also a mentor and coach. How did you get into that?

There are a few reasons why I got into it. Firstly (and most importantly), I have an interest and a real passion to help others. Secondly, it allowed me to build my own knowledge over time. Lastly, it is a good opportunity to network and collaborate to learn more about UBS.

Collaboration is a big topic in your current role. What is it like collaborating within such a large global business?

It’s the best gift! When you collaborate, you not only network with many people, but you also learn from them or achieve better goals together. "We" is better than "I." Strong collaboration facilitates good communication among colleagues and constructive conversation with stakeholders.

Collaboration is also one of UBS’s key principles. We encourage each other to practice it in our daily work life.

What are the growth opportunities like for employees in India right now?

India is growing fast within the Asia Pacific region. I would like to reiterate a saying that resonates with me - "When one is part of a growing organization, the same individual can grow each year with it."

Whether you want to go for a horizontal or vertical move within UBS over a period of time, it’s possible if you work for it.

What was the most interesting business trip you’ve taken so far at UBS?

A short visit to a scenic and beautiful paradise called "Thun" in Switzerland. I was fortunate to be a part of an internal learning program. This trip was the best and we got to meet some of the most seasoned senior management who were fully charged up to meet us.

The five days were full of learning, networking and collaborating along with the senior leaders and other colleagues from across the world.

What’s the coolest thing about living and working in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad has its own beauty. The people speak a common language and are so friendly. Many of my colleagues who came down with me from London really enjoyed their stint in Hyderabad. People know this city as the "city of pearls" as there are many historical monuments to visit.

The location is also good in terms of connectivity with other large metro cities in India. I can even travel to Mumbai (my home town) by road and work from home occasionally.

How do you relax outside of work?

Gardening over the weekend! Yes, I am one of the nature lovers who likes to give back to Mother Nature by growing beautiful plants. I have been doing this since I was 14 years old.

If I am working from Mumbai, I also love to spend quality time with my little nephews who keep me busy outside of work.

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