Meet Marco, an intern in Corporate Client Solutions (CCS), just starting his career journey in Hong Kong. We asked him a few questions about life in the team.

What's a typical day like for you?

A typical day starts with meeting and catching up with senior members on our different projects. Those meetings will influence our priorities for the day ahead.

All interns are actively involved in different transactions. We support the team with everything from preparing slides on industry sectors through to working on valuation methodologies. However, ad-hoc tasks will always pop up, making each of our days a unique one.

I am often amazed by the opportunities for interns to add value to the team throughout the transaction process.

How is the collaboration with your colleagues on the trading room?

Working with the people in CCS is absolutely amazing and enjoyable. The culture emphasizes teamwork and collaboration to achieve a team goal. As an intern, I'm particularly impressed by how willing senior colleagues are to involve interns in the transaction process, spending their time to train us up. This allows us to grow much quicker.

What is your most interesting memory from the internship so far?

The most interesting memory was definitely working on one of the pitch books for an initial public offering (IPO). Even as an intern, my senior colleagues gave me the chance to work on the financial analysis section, from pulling trading comparables to building a discounted cash flow (DCF) model.

What do you enjoy the most about work?

As an Industrial Placement Program (IPP) intern, I rotate between two teams (typically one focused on a sector of industry and one focused on a product). I'll spend three months in each team to gain significant exposure in those areas.

I've also built long-lasting friendships with everyone in the room. They're all great mentors, providing guidance on the day-to-day work and our future career prospects. We'll hang out after work, or head to a hot-pot spot and karaoke to celebrate a birthday. It really makes me feel like I'm a valued part of the team.


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