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Can you tell us about what you do?

My role here is in Operations where I handle 'corporate actions'. A corporate action is where a company decides to do something that will affect its shareholders (like a merger or dividend payment).

My main responsibility is to capture and create records of these events and validate them against different information sources to ensure that the information provided to our shareholders is correct.

What preconceptions did you have about working in a bank?

I joined UBS as an apprentice just after finishing school. The main thing that worried me about joining UBS at such a young age (and without a degree) was the type of role I’d be given. I also felt anxious that I may be seen as a weak link in the team due to my inexperience.

However, my doubts have been proven wrong. I've been given a great level of responsibility and a healthy workload to keep on top of. I also recognize the importance of my role: if the information we provide is wrong, it can lead to issues further down the line, or even costly mistakes.

What job do you think you’d be great at if you weren’t at UBS?

If I wasn’t working here, I’d probably see myself as a barber.

My first job was at a local high end barber shop. I really enjoyed the working environment, especially interacting with customers. No two days were the same, which kept me on my toes. There were lots of opportunities to be creative and add my personal touch to ideas.

What are the top three things about working here?

1. My team were extremely welcoming and friendly. Within my apprenticeship group I've made friends across all different business areas such as operations, Finance, Global Wealth Management and many others.

2. Another thing I love about working for UBS is the social aspect of work. Whether that's getting involved in internal networking events or going out with colleges to play sports. Everyone is extremely keen to get involved and it's a great way to meet new people and learn more about other areas of the company.

3. Finally, my third favorite thing about working for UBS is the responsibility that I’ve been given. Managing your responsibilities well is a great way to showcase your skills and talents.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I have a hobby/obsession in purchasing and collecting trainers (and smart shoes since starting work). I've built a nice collection of around 60 different pairs of trainers over the past five years.

Although it's an expensive hobby, it's given me the opportunity to meet a variety of people, attend some interesting events and make some good friends!

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