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Can you tell us about your job role?

I'm working in the Investment Bank and UK Chief Financial Officer (CFO) team within Finance. I'm rotating around the department at the moment, to gain an insight into the different roles in the team. Currently, I am working in business management, looking at staff headcount, forecasting and costs. I am also working in corporate client solutions, learning how to create the weekly and monthly reports. Working within two different disciplines has really helped me understand so much more about the structure of my team and how they operate within Finance.

Did you have any preconceptions of working for a bank- have these myths been busted?

Some people may perceive that working in banking would be boring and believe that the work consists of the same repetitive processes every day. This however, is definitely not the case at UBS , every day is different and there are often so many events going on around the building to get involved with, for example, talks often take place which give you a chance to understand more about others working at UBS or to learn something new. You can also get involved in events such as rounder's tournaments. I helped to organise a photoshoot within Finance which was great as I have now met so many more people from doing so and I really enjoyed helping to organise this, this type of task is not something I expected to be doing whilst working within finance.

Can you tell us what you love most about working at UBS?

The thing I love most about working at UBS are the people I work with, everyone is so helpful and friendly and the support is amazing to have especially when you are an apprentice with little experience! The second thing I love most about working for UBS is the office, the facilities we have are outstanding and I feel so lucky to come here every day for work! The final thing I love most about working for UBS is working for a world renowned company with such a good reputation.

What's the most interesting thing about you?

I absolutely love playing cricket! I am currently playing for my local side, Ickenham Cricket Club and I also play for Middlesex. At the moment I am training three times a week. I bowl leg spin which is quite unusual as not many people are able to bowl this technique. I have probably been playing cricket for around 7/8 years now and hope to continue playing for a lot longer. In the summer I was lucky enough to bowl to the England Ladies team as part of their training for the World Cup Final, this was an amazing opportunity for me and definitely a highlight of my cricket career.

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