Meet Emil, a reporting specialist working in Krakow, Poland.

He takes us through what his job entails, how reporting is changing and when improving processes is and isn’t beneficial.

I’m a reporting specialist in the reporting and analytics services (RAS) team. We have about 20 people in the group. There are some amazing folks in my team and we’re all there for each other. When I started, they invested a lot of time in me so that I would better understand the tasks and the tools that we are using.

What is reporting and analytics services (RAS)?

Our RAS colleagues provide crucial business reporting, forecasting, and advanced analytics services. This is a vital part of ensuring that key business decisions are based on fact and made with confidence.

I have a few daily reports that I need to prepare and afterwards my responsibility is to ensure that the data is correct. We need to remember that those reports may lead to important business decisions, so sending incorrect data may have negative consequences on the business.

There are two other teams that we collaborate with on a daily basis. These are the client data management team and client integrity team. They’re responsible for our data quality, so it’s very beneficial that we’re so close by! If anyone has a question, it’s really easy to ask a colleague who is sitting a few meters from you.

The interesting thing to observe is how our work in RAS changes. A few months ago, my work was much more manual than it is now. For example, two of my daily reports will soon be fully automated thanks to my colleague Witold. He took part in a robotics project, so he is able to automate some of our processes.

I really enjoy the fact that I have the possibility to improve what we do. If you have a specific mindset while producing the reports, you can find places to improve the process. Then, you have to calculate if it’s worth it to actually implement them. If it will take many hours just to save a couple of minutes each month it might not be worth it. But there may be hidden benefits. Your improvements could also minimize the risk of making a mistake or you will show the data in a more accurate way.

The thing that I am really enjoying here is the freedom of possibilities. If you want to develop yourself then you can do it. I’ve even done photography training here! My current professional goal is to become a trainer. My starting point for this was conducting trainings during the UBS “Career turn” program. This program joins UBS employees with people from outside the company who are struggling to gain employment and need new skills. It was an amazing experience that was very beneficial for all participants.

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