In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week in the UK, John Glen MP (a Member of Parliament in Britain) visited our London offices to meet with our current apprentices. Emily and Labinot tell us what they did.

To start off the day, we gave Mr Glen a tour around the office. We showed him the great facilities at 5 Broadgate including the restaurants, gym and medical center. We then headed up to the equities trading floor and gave Mr Glen an insight into how our teams work together. To finish off, we went straight up to the top of the building to see the incredible views of London.

Following the tour, we joined the rest of our apprenticeship group in the atrium. Mr Glen spoke to us all about the government's plans to have more school leavers starting apprenticeships by 2020. He emphasized what an amazing opportunity we have here at UBS and why he thought that doing an apprenticeship would offer invaluable experience.

Following his speech, he came to speak with us in smaller groups. This was a great chance for us to tell our individual stories and explain why we chose an apprenticeship program rather than going to university. We were also able tell him about the type of work we do, how we contribute to the company and how the program is helping us to progress with our career and further studies.
Just before the end of the visit, we managed to get a selfie with him too!

Meeting Mr Glen was a great experience and he was extremely supportive of apprenticeships. It was reassuring to know that ministers in the government are taking apprenticeships seriously and that it's their target to get more students to join programs similar to ours.

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