In part two of our interview, Barbara, Marcin, Aleksandra and Weronika talk to us about the successes, experiences and growth that you can find within HR.

To learn more about each of their job roles, be sure to read part one as well. You might be surprised!

There’s a large variety of skills here in HR. Can you tell us how you and your career have grown?

M - I joined the Reporting & Analytics Development team in 2015. In almost three years I was able to take a path from VBA developer to Oracle SQL developer, also touching areas of data security, IT business analysis and project management. Sounds perfect, but it wouldn’t be possible without a supportive business.

A - In my three years here, I’ve progressed through four different teams and roles. I started in 2015 as an intern in the Swiss Advisory team. Then after six intensive and interesting months I moved to Swiss Exit team, as an HR specialist. After one year, I got a proposal to take over the role of external staff coordinator. After this, a role of team leader of the Swiss Onboarding team was offered to me.

Which experience affected your way of working the most?

B - The most valuable thing for me is contact with people, being trusted and having trust in others. So, for me, it was how my current manager incorporated me into her teams in other locations. I really felt like a partner.

M - I spent a couple of weeks in Zurich, taking over a database process from two UBS veterans. They had worked on it together for over 10 years and were going to retire. Taking the process from them was like inheriting their legacy. Thanks to them, everything they handed over seemed to have soul – just because you could connect it with these two fantastic guys.

W - Having a mentor was a great experience and they encouraged me to develop my ‘soft skills’ to really improve my collaboration with others.

Would you recommend working in HR?

B - Yes, definitely. I recommended it to my friends. Why? Because if I enjoy working here, I am sure they will enjoy it as well. Here we see respect, opportunities and diversity.

A - Personally, I believe that HR as a whole has undergone a significant transformation and is now far more than primarily an administrative function. At UBS, this function is characterized by a great dynamic. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities. This job can be really satisfying for those who want to work in a nice atmosphere and don’t want to get stuck in a rut.

What have you learnt during your time here?

B - I learnt to be proud and self-confident of what I can achieve and to contribute proactively. I can’t say I haven’t felt or done it before, but for the first time I felt it was truly appreciated by a company.

M - Time management. I still have room to improve, but you need to be well organized to manage your biggest projects successfully.

A - We don’t have enough time and space to list all these things! If I have to give one specific example, I would say that I’ve learnt the power of collaboration.

What do you consider your biggest success and what are you proud of?

B - I’m proud of my team. When looking at their successes, promotions, and how they developed as individuals or as a team, I am proud to have been a part of it. I hope they see it the same way.

M - I believe my biggest achievement is going from an intermediate user of Excel in my first job to having real IT skills. And all that because I always asked myself – how can I help my clients and colleagues more?

A - Thanks to my progression, I have a much better understanding of the whole organization and our processes. So I consider my biggest success the position I’m currently in. That wouldn’t be possible without the internal mobility found here.

What experience would you like to share with your colleagues?

M - That graduating from economic studies, for example, doesn’t force you to do the stereotypical ‘banker’ work in a bank. We’re not tied to one chair at UBS. We can change it and develop completely new skills if we grab the opportunities around us, regardless of our backgrounds.

A - I would encourage everyone to adopt a proactive attitude towards daily work and life. Get involved with different initiatives and step out from you comfort zone. Only in that way will you develop yourself and build your value and personal brand.

W – I’d recommend that everybody mentor a new joiner in your team. Nothing is better than seeing a colleague grow thanks to your experience and guidance!

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