Jesse, Global Wealth Management, Singapore

Natasha, Investment Banking, Hong Kong

Michel, Personal & Corporate Banking, Switzerland

Marcin, Technology, Poland

Kaoru, Investment Banking , Japan

Jacqueline, Investment Banking, Singapore

We caught up with some of our GTP alumni, to see where they are now and how their careers have grown at UBS.

Jesse: I started my GTP in July 2015 and ended in December 2016. I’m based in Singapore and have been here for three years now.

Kaoru: I completed the GTP in February 2016 and I've been here for more than five years now.

Michel: I completed the GTP in 2013 and I’ve been working here for seven years now.

Natasha: I was a GTP on the Equity Derivatives trading desk in the US, and I completed it in 2006.

Marcin: I started my internship back in 2013. Since then, I've been in various functions within the risk space. It's been five years already!

Jacqueline: I completed my GTP in 2016, and I’ve been with UBS for 4.5 four and a half years now.

Jesse: The GTP program helped me to develop valuable knowledge of the business in APAC. I spent time with three different desks in Wealth Management and Investment Banking. This allowed me to not only shape my understanding of the business and industry, but also build my network and gain visibility.

UBS has made internal mobility a priority among managers and employees. To date, I've worked on six different desks in three years!

Kaoru: The biggest support was my assignment to London for two and a half years. Within the global equity derivative (GED) team, some products were managed centrally there. To help the business run smoothly, I have been working for the GED EMEA structuring team and supporting the GED Japan team by sitting physically next to the trading team and management.

Michel: The huge UBS network (globally and locally) plus the open culture of support and collaboration led to my personal growth. Cross-divisional rotations, such as the two months I spent in London or in different locations within Switzerland are just a few examples.

Natasha: I moved to Asia from NYC in February 2010 to help build out the index flow trading books. Then I moved from trading to sales in 2015. While the moves were challenging, the firm was very supportive. Now I’m living in Hong Kong and I still leverage the relationships I built as a grad in the US. It's remarkable how it's all come together. It's been a fun ride filled with incredible life experiences!

Marcin: First I was an intern in IT Risk, then a technology risk assessor in C&ORC. After, that I was involved in one of the transformation projects of the function and, as a result, got hired as a full-time process architect. In 2017, I took an internal opportunity. As a result, I’m now working in Technology Risk Management as an Associate Director.

Jacqueline: I joined the electronic foreign exchange, rates and credit (eFRC) sales desk in Singapore as a GTP in 2014. Most of the training was on-the-job and people were very willing to teach to make sure I was brought up to speed. In 2016, I moved to Hong Kong to grow the business there, as we didn’t have an e-salesperson located there previously. It was a great learning experience both professionally and personally. In late 2017, I moved to eFRC Trading, which was a very exciting opportunity.

Jesse: Be bold when speaking, but humble when dealing with others. Never take yourself too seriously.

Kaoru: Always look to intensify and diversify your skills and experiences.

Michel: Always stay focused, but be open-minded to change.

Natasha: Stay hungry and motivated. Every time I started getting complacent I shifted roles. At some point these different experiences bridge together and create a very strong platform. Now I feel the sky is the limit. Don’t be scared of mobility either.

Marcin: I asked similar question to one of my role models when they got promoted to Managing Director. I still find the answer exceptionally useful:

  1. Deliver and work hard
  2. Collaborate
  3. Network
  4. Fear nothing.

Just remember those and you will be A-OK!

Jacqueline: Ask questions. Don't expect your manager to read your mind! Ask when you’re unsure, whether it's related to how to improve your performance or how to achieve your long-term career goals.

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