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Hi, Melody. Please could you introduce yourself?

I was born and raised in mainland China. I finished my master's degree at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, and then I joined the Graduate Talent Program (GTP) here in Shanghai five months ago.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned at university?

The biggest lesson I learned is that when we're students we should try different things and get exposed to as many industries and sectors as early as possible. Then we’ll be much clearer on what is best for us and what we’re really interested in. Having a real view of our passions will help us create a better career plan.

How did your studies prepare you for the workplace?

Developing an ability to learn quickly really helped. Actually, book knowledge is quite different from real work practices. We can’t always be fully prepared, so we’re always learning.

This skill enables me to gather together all my thoughts and any extra information floating around quickly. I can then form a big picture in my head. This helps me adapt to a fast-changing environment and deal with a project even if I'm unfamiliar with it.

What made you choose the financial sector?

It is a dynamic and challenging sector with a lot to learn. Not only does it equip you with analytical and technical skills, but also with strong interpersonal skills at the same time.

Can you tell us a bit about your current role and what you enjoy most about it?

I'm now doing a rotation with the corporate communications team. As my first rotation here, this role helps me to form a bigger picture of our company's strategy and operations. It’s also turned my understanding of communications on its head! I’ve learned how to filter information and deliver the key message, cooperating with colleagues from different teams to achieve this goal.

There will always be unexpected or urgent things happening, so I also need to keep a cool head. I enjoy being exposed to such challenges and keep learning all the time.

What’s the best part of working here?

I must say it's the culture and the people. As a new joiner, I find everyone here is so willing to help and answer questions. There is a wide array of training available for graduates and we’re able to learn about different parts of the firm. All this makes working at UBS so exciting!

What happens in a typical workday?

Every morning I check my inbox first and decide what my priorities are. I also need to keep an eye on company news and interviews for our internal and external publications. We organize internal events such as ‘lunch & learn’ sessions, and external events such as media interviews. It’s my job to handle all the logistic issues related to these media events.

Which of your skills are most useful in your job?

I always reflect on my previous work. Knowing my weakness and where I can improve helps me perform better in the future.

What does diversity mean to you and how do you see it implemented in the corporate world?

Diversity means that a company facilitates having a workforce with different backgrounds, cultures and characteristics. It also means diverse businesses and programs, both internal and external, with strong community relationships. This sort of company will offer a workplace which is welcoming, respectful and engaging for employees.

What is the best thing that happened to you recently?

I travelled to Japan with really nice people, and I have to say the red autumn leaves in Kyoto are fabulous. Sometimes we just need to relax and recharge ourselves!

Do you have any secret skills?

I’ve been dancing for more than ten years. I mainly focused on traditional Chinese dance before, but now I do more jazz.

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