We got some time in their exciting schedules to have a chat.

Hi both. Could you give us a quick introduction and background on what you’re doing?

Hi there! We’re Daphné and Melissa and we both joined UBS in 2017 as graduates in the Human Resources (HR) function in London.

HR works with all of the bank's divisions and senior leaders on topics such as career development, recruitment, reward, performance management, diversity and inclusion, and talent development.

We started in the junior talent and reward teams respectively, and have learnt a great deal in our first rotations. Daphné has focused on both marketing and recruitment for graduates and interns during the team's busy season. Melissa has been supporting the bonus process within reward.

And what will you be doing after this placement?

Soon, for our next rotations, Melissa will be joining recruitment for the Investment Bank and Daphné will join the line manager advisory team. We’ll continue to build on our knowledge and meet more new faces too.

What can someone expect in HR?

By joining HR, you’ll be part of a function that aims to really deliver. You’ll build supportive relationships with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, and work within a dynamic environment with great opportunities.

When did you first meet?

Melissa – We met over coffee a few months before the program started. This was great, as then we already knew each other on our first day!

How do you work together?

Daphné – We have a very collaborative approach to working together. We make sure we're both able to give our input and get recognised for our work.

How do you rely on each other?

Melissa – We're very supportive of each other. We're each other's cheerleader and have pep talks whenever they're needed!

What's been your greatest achievement while working together?

Daphné – Designing and organising the pub quiz for the entire HR team. We made sure the evening was fun for all and managed to raise £200 for charity!

How would you describe each other in three words or less?

Daphné – Melissa is hardworking, attentive and sweet.

Melissa – I would say Daphné is supportive, strong-willed and funny!

What’s the most interesting thing about each other which we wouldn’t learn from your CVs alone?

Daphné – Melissa can name most (if not all) characters from horror movies. We won a Halloween themed quiz thanks to her!

Melissa – Daphné has lived in lots of different places, including Belgium, Switzerland, the US and now London.

What hobbies do they have outside of work?

Melissa – Daphné enjoys movies, travelling and cooking.

Daphné – Melissa is interested in cinema, as well as reading and writing.

Are you interested in joining our team?

Visit our job board and you may find something perfect for you.

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