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Hi Reno. Can you tell us a bit about you and your role?

I joined UBS’s financial accounting team straight out of university and have held various roles across the finance organization before taking on the lead of the Wealth Management Intercompany team in 2007. That led to my current role as Global Head Intercompany and Head Global Hard Revenue. My team and I act as a central point for all issues related to the preparation of the Group's consolidated financial statements. Our objective is to facilitate the closing of the books through adjustments that ensure the accuracy and integrity of Intercompany balances, therefore allowing the consolidation and accurate reporting of external financial figures.

It’s a great example of working across different regions, divisions, teams and platforms. It requires teamwork and close collaboration.

What are you most proud of?

In my younger days, I was a professional motorbike racer until a serious accident ended my sports career. I spent more than a year in a hospital for operations and recovery and finally, in a rehab clinic to learn how to live with a disability. The day I left the clinic was a great moment – being back in the outside world to start a new life and ready to face all future challenges with a handicap.

How has it been working for UBS with a disability?

UBS is an exemplary employer and my disability was never ever an issue. The company has always tried to provide an adequate working environment and remove barriers regardless of cost and effort. This enables people like me to perform successfully.

The firm also ensures that the buildings, individual workplaces and IT equipment are accessible to a high standard. Another success factor is the very open minded culture towards diversity here – by both management and colleagues.

What’s the best piece of career advice you have ever received?

"Don't work harder, work smarter." My personal advice to others is to think positively.

What are your favorite pastimes?

Once or twice a year I spend time at a race circuit to meet friends in the pit lane and enjoy the race atmosphere. In contrast to that, I love to travel around Europe and visit historical sites. My favorite destination is northern Italy, and I love places like Milan, Florence, Pisa, Siena and Verona. For me making culture trips is a personal enrichment. I enjoy visiting all the various museums, art centers, historical buildings and appreciate the opportunity to learn more about our culture.

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